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Playgroup Registrations are now open!

Little Bears Playgroup will be recommencing again for 2024 on Thursday 15th February from 10am to 12pm.


A program of the Greek Welfare Centre, Playgroups offer a relaxed, friendly environment for your children to connect, play and learn! At our Playgroup the children are provided with the opportunity to develop new skills through a variety of stimulating activities such as painting, cutting, pasting, drama, singing, story time, dancing and outings to the local park. Our groups are unique because they extend themselves to offering a bilingual program which provides cultural awareness of Greek traditions and promotion of the Greek language. Our playgroups is not only educational but also provide social interaction for parents and children.

At Liverpool, our playgroup is known as the Little Bears! We’ve created a wonderful space for parents to form friendships and enjoy the company of other parents over coffee, tea and playtime. We welcome everyone to come and explore this fantastic opportunity for your little one!

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