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Thank you Fr Chris!

May 04, 2017

We dearly thank Fr Christos Vergos for his devotion in establishing and mentoring our Parish since 1967. His constant and unwavering service will not be forgotten but rather will be celebrated along with the 50th anniversary of our Parish and community during 2017. For over half a century, he has given his all and his best in dedicating himself and contributing to each and everyone of our Parishioners. 

We congratulate Fr Chris and our community on the collective achievements over the 50 years we have shared together. 

By way of background, Fr Christos Vergos was born at Komin, Tripoli, Greece on 30 January 1939. Following his studies, he served with the Greek Army and later migrated to Australia. He married Sophia Bourbou in 1965 and has two daughters, Christina & Vicky. Vicky married Christos Mitrothanasis and they had one son Yianni. On 23 July 1967, he became a deacon under Bishop Nazianou Dionisou and on 12 December was ordained as a Priest under his then Eminence Archbishop of Australia Iezekiel. On 20 December 1967, Fr Christos was appointed Parish Priest in the newly formed community of Liverpool and surrounding districts. 

We say to him a very special thank you! It is a beautiful accomplishment that we can only attribute to his hard work. 

Fr Chris officially announced his retirement on 30 April 2017 at the 50 yr celebration of our Parish on our Church grounds at the end of our Sunday Service in the presence of His Grace Bishop Seraphim and in support, welcomed Fr Dimitrios to serve in our Parish full time. We receive Fr Dimitrios with open arms and are positive he will continue the good work of our founding priest. 

We say a deep heartfelt farewell and wish Fr Christos well for future. May the Lord watch over him and his family always. 

God bless. 

SBS Article - 50 Yrs - Fr Chris

April 26, 2017

SBS highlights Fr Chris' dedication and service and the presence of our Parish in Liverpool for half a century.


Please see the article or listen to Fr Chris radio interview (approx 10 minutes) at http://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/article/2017/04/27/petyhame-polla-i-skytali-tora-stin-triti-genia-ellinon?language=el

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