Christ is born!

Rejoice for Christ is born!! We wish everyone a holy, blessed and Merry Christmas with your loved ones.

Sunday School Play

On Sunday the 10th December 2017 the Sunday School students concluded the year with a play, highlighting the life of St Catherine. This play was meaningful in today’s world as it conveyed Christ’s message that we must be strong and stand up for what we believe in, and in particular, our Greek Orthodox Faith. St Catherine stood up to all those who opposed her to espouse the righteous path set by God even though it led to her inevitable martyrdom. Congratulations to the children and teachers for presenting such a wonderful performance, that entertained us all. At the conclusion of the play, Mr Giakoumatos delivered an address in relation to the play and the importance of children attending s

Greek School Christmas Presentation

On Tuesday, 28 November, 2017 our Greek School Students concluded the year with their presentation day. We heard and saw many performances from the children including songs, poems, Christmas carols and a play. Congratulations to all our students. We thank the many parents and grandparents who attended and also give up their time to ensure their children participate and attend Greek School each and every week. We thank the many teachers and volunteers who make Tuesdays and Saturdays an enjoyable time for our students to learn the Greek Language and culture. If you would like to obtain an enrolment form or enrol your child or children for next year, please contact Fr Dimitrios.


Some of our Parish Clergy, Members, Volunteers, Representatives and Parishioners attended the Name day celebration of our Primate, His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos of Australia. The official dinner was held at the Palais Reception Centre with over 600 clergy and lay community in attendance. During the course of the evening, His Eminence bestowed on the Treasurer of South Australia, the Honourable Tom Anastasios Koutsantonis, the Gold Cross of St Andrew, the highest honour of the Archdiocese of Australia. The recipient of the Gold Cross was almost speechless but found the words to respond with deep humility and gratitude to His Eminence. The gesture was applauded with a prolonged acclamation

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